Sunday, July 3, 2011

Keeping it Real

Sex and Trying to conceive a child can sometimes become tedious, or so I've heard. Not to get too personal, but so far making a baby hasn't become a chore yet in this house.

Josue and I's schedules clash so sometimes we like to plan dates, I think the dates really help our sex life and relationship in general. Planning the dates for each other are fun and we really connect while on them. So I'm throwing out a couple of our fav "date nights" in hopes that others will start dating their husbands too. (if you do already, great! maybe some of these will be fun new ideas to try)

I'm sorry if some of these ideas are So-Cal related, but a lot of them can be applied anywhere.

Also a disclaimer some of these are full of cheesetasticness. But hey a little cheese never hurt any one's relationship :)

Dinner & A Movie, a twist on a classic

Plain old dinner and a movie can be a great escape from reality and a fun date, but Josue and I like to turn it up a notch. We found the little gem of Vineland Drive-In a few years ago and have gone back many times. You can see two movies for eight dollars, and you can bring in your own food! Sometimes we bring in Little Ceasers, we make a picnic, or a full blown dinner. Whatever we do we have fun, plus we can talk during the movie and no one will shush us ;) If you have a SUV or truck and you're brave you can always make it Dinner, Sex and a Movie.

Another place we've just come across is Gold Class Cinemas.

We've only been once since at 22/ticket plus food this place can get pricey, but for a true date night it is a must try! This place is like a hotel, with a check-in, concierge, and lounge. You can order your dinner, and a server will bring it to your movie seat. You can order a "real" drink at the lounge and even appetizers before hand. Cold, want a refill or dessert? Just push the light on your table and your server will be right over. The seats are situated well so you don't even notice the servers, and when we went there were no children which made for a nice experience.

Outdoor Activites

One of our favorite outings are the ones during the day time where we can be out, maybe get a little exercise and bonus if we can bring our dog Bentley.

We love the Long Beach Farmer's market, it is a rare treat since usually one of us is working, but when we get a chance to go we take it! We walk Bentley up and down the aisles and pick up lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

We also really like riding our bikes (teaching Bentley to tag along is out next goal) sometimes we take them to the beach and pack a picnic. Other times we just ride around our neighborhood for short trips.

We even make our dog park trips fun. Most of the time Josue or I take Bentley on our own while the other one is at work. But once in a while we pack some sandwiches or grill some burgers and head to the park with B-Man. We sit a bench by the lake and give Bent some food. It is nice to just talk and eat with the breeze. After a nice walk we give Bentley some time with the other dogs. He seriously has a blast. I'm not sure why but when Josue and I go together it almost seems like he has more fun. Seeing him happy gives us great joy.

Theme Parks

A self expalnitory section, but if you have a theme park near you and you have an extra day with your guy go live a little. Every year we get annual passes to a different near by park. And since we have so many it makes it easy for us. It cuts down your costs too. This year we have Universal, and last we had Disneyland so it is fun to go to a new place each year.

Double Dates

We have a few friends that are couples that we like hanging out with, Johnny and Kristal, Yeimy & Ronald, Kristel & Jason, any couple from TKN, the list goes on and on. But there is this couple (Temo & Cecia) that we seem to click with and hang out with the most. Josue works with Temo and Cecia and I just hit it off. We have a lot in common even though they aren't ready for marriage and babies just yet. Bowling has been our favorite activity. If you have a bowling place near you I highly suggest it. We order drinks, get competive, it's great! We've also gone roller skaitng, ice skating, and gone to theme parks together. We love going on double dates with them, we do things with them that we wouldn't have tried on our own and vice versa. Our favorite dinner spot is Benihana. Have you ever been to a teppan cooking place? If not put it on your list of things to try, it is so yummy! We also have fun traveling with them we've gone on Vegas trips, to Big Bear, even Maui with them and they are fun travel partners. Anyway I guess the point of this was to try double dating. It may seem like your back in high school, but it can be fun and open up your eyes to things, or discuss topics that would never be brought up with just you and your spouse.


This one is definetly not Josue's favorite date, but when it is my turn to pick he has to abide :) He isn't a brat about it so I love him for that. Church can be a nice time for the two of you to connect to God and eachother.

Weekend Getaways

OK now this one can be extravagant or not. Josue and I try to go away at least 4x year. I'm sure this will change when baby comes but for now we like the little escapes. We get to forget about reality and just have fun together. Some of our favorite spots are Las Vegas & San Diego. But Camping various places has become a great time too. We also like to one big trip at least once every two years, but I think the little get aways are important. Especially when going through something so emotionally draining such as TTC. I even give my self permission to leave the thermometers, and OPKs at home :)

Staying In

I realize that based on all the above information it must seem like we spend a lot of money, and yes maybe we do but we like to have fun :)

That isn't to say that we do it all the time, and that we don't have fun just hanging out at home. Some of the best time we have together are our lazy days at home. We love to cook together and watch a movie on TV. Sometimes after the farmer's market we scour the internet to look for yummy new recipes to make together. Or other times Josue makes me a candle-lit dinner, and I make him a yummy dessert.

Whatever it may be have fun together, try new things, and enjoy being married!

Also, I realize that we don't have children and things will change once we do. But for now we like to live it up and hope you can too. I believe that I can still in one way or another Date my Husband once a little miracle comes in to our lives.

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