Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things I love right now

I read this blog Making it Lovely and every once in awhile she makes an Honor Roll post with some of her favorite things so I decided to make one too :)

1.) The look of my new blog, if you're on reader you might not see it but I've made some changes around here that I love. Plus I have this new found love for blogging since it is another outlet to vent, inspire, or whatever I want.

2.) The smell of fresh laundry. This product makes my sheets smell awesome! I really like Lavendar one.

3.) Summer TV 

 4.) I have an obssesion of looking for things with stars.

5.)  My iPad 2  I love playing with apps when I'm bored or Facetiming with my Mom when  I miss her.

6.) My new Tom's Shoes 


8.) Shave it Nation. It is this Hawaiian Shaved Ice place it isn't that close to the house but totally worth the drive. They even have yummy sugar free flavors. 


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