Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye 2009 Hello Twenty-Ten...or however you say it!

2009 was fun, stressful, overwhelming, and exciting. Overall a productive year! Mostly the year was filled with school for me and work for Josue, but we managed to throw in some fun here and there!
Here are some recaps from the last year

Vegas with the Hubby and Sac town takeover with TKN
February: Moved into our first home in Long Beach. Started Nursing school (Met new friends), & turned 24
March: Adopted our Kitty Lola, Started Clinical
April: First ever trip to NYC w/ Aunt Maddy, and Kimi, Britney Spears Concert
May: Josue became an associate manager
June: Vegas with the foursome =)
July: Passed level one & two with A's and at the top of my class
August: Celebrated our first wedding anniversary
September: Temecula wine tasting trip with TKN
October: Vegas with Vanessa to see Dane Cook, Camping with Josue in Lake Isabella,
Walk for Hope
November: Lot's of nights in and out with the foursome including the universal weekend
December: Welcomed our first TKN Baby Grayson. Visited NC with family for Christmas, and had our first party at the house welcoming in the New Year!

Of course I had to make some goals for the new year =)

-Graduate as valedictorian
-Pass the NCLEX
-Learn Spanish (wishful thinking)
-Lose weight (isn't this everyone's) but mostly just being healthier
-Don't get in an accident or die on vacation (joking....kinda)
-Buy another car
-Save for a house
-Start our family plan

In 2010 we have so many exciting events planned. Puerto Rico & Cruise, Mexico, Maui, Camping, Graduation, new job, showers, babies, weddings, and so much more!

Here's to a prosperous & blessed 2010 to all!