Our TTC Journey

J&D ~ Our TTC Journey

September 30th 2001~ First met while working at Imperial Park Senior Care Community. Became great friends.

August 4th 2003~ Started Dating and fell in love

February 14th 2007~ Became engaged!

August 2nd 2008~ Got Married :)

Summer 2009~ Dx with PCOS

December 2009~Stopped taking birth control pills.

January 2010~ Had a + pregnancy test but bleeding the next day.

July 2010~ Started actively TTC knowing it would be difficult. Started taking a pre-natal every day and tried to become healthier.

February 2011~ Had some testing and U/S done. Lots of cysts on each ovary :(

March 2011~ Started taking Metformin since I only had one cycle with ovulation since starting in July.

April 2011~ Metformin must have helped we got a BFP! It was short lived and became a chemical pregnancy :(

June/July 2011~ More testing and first round of Clomid 50mg = BFN

July/August 2011~ Second round of Clomid 100mg = BFN

August/September 2011 ~ Third round of clomid 150mg =BFN

October 2011~ Taking a month off Clomid to focus on losing more weight. (Plus timing won't be optimal) J's SA test = Great sperm count, but low motility. Possibly due to sauna use so making some changes and retesting in January.

December 2011~ Fourth round of clomid 200mg = BFN

January 2012~ J's SA retest = great numbers and pretty good motility. Last round of clomid before moving on to Femara. Acupuncture, Clomid 250mg =  BFN

February 2012~ One attempt at Femara BFF(ail) I didn't even ovulate!

Spring 2012~ We met with a RE who suggested medicated IUI and/or IVF. We are taking this time to pray for a miracle and save up some money. IUI and IVF are quite an expense and I hate having to decide between the chance of having a child or us buying a house.

July 2nd, 2012~ Got a + pregnancy test after a random gut feeling. More + tests on 7/4 & 7/6.  Started bleeding on 7/9/12.  :( 

Summer 2012~ Doctors want us to do one round of Clomid since we conceived on our own, it's a good sign. Trying to stay positive about the future.

August 2012~ We did it!!! BFP!!!! on 8/6/12 Baby due 4/21/13. Stick baby stick!!!!

April 2013 Olivia was born!!!

We never prevented after Olivia was born.

October 2014- Failed round of Clomid

January 2015- BFP after a round of clomid and hCG trigger.

October 2015- Elizabeth was born!!!!