Sunday, February 1, 2009

Make a Message Board

My friend Danielle taught me how to make my own message board. I picked out an awesome fabric and got started. I took photos so you can make one too if you want. First start with a cork board, batting, fabric, ribbon, and cute thumb tacks. You will need a stapler. I'm sure a power stapler would work better, but I used a regular one and it worked just fine!

Staple the batting to the board.

Then staple the fabric to the back of the board on top of the batting.

You could make this one step and staple the two layers together.

Lay out the ribbon criss-cross style and cut strips.

Then staple the strips to the back.

Finally put the tacks where the ribbons cross.
Ta Da you have a simple craft project that creates a lot of impact in your home office.