Thursday, June 30, 2011

Infertile? ... Update on our Journey

Inability to conceive; Unable to get pregnant

Primary infertility describes couples who have never been able to become pregnant after at least 1 year of unprotected sex (intercourse).

I googled Infertility because I wanted to add a photo to this blog and that definition is what came up (before I hit "images")

Anyway it struck me because today this defines us. When we first started this journey last July we decided to take it slow, we knew going into this that we would have some struggle but we thought we were prepared. Well now that 12 months have passed, we are each a year older, and we've seen how hard this can be. We've decided to take a more active role in Trying to concieve. Since we started TTC I have only recorded ovulation twice. Dam PCOS!! During one of those ovulation times we got our BFP, but it was short lived. I discussed all this with my OB and we've all decided to start clomid. I had my HSG and except for some cramping it went ok, and my tubes are all clear, yay! Josue still doesn't want to do a SA just yet but he has all the paperwork for when he is ready. I also had my pre-clomid u/s which went well, so I started my prometrium to induce a period and hopefully we will start clomid to induce ovulation in the next day or so.


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