Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yummy ways to keep cool this summer!

Sugar Free Strawberry Popsicles

12oz of Diet Lemon Lime Soda
20 Large Strawberries
2 cups crushed ice
10 drops of liquid stevia or more to taste (clear, lemon, or vanilla flavored are good choices)

Blend all ingredients together well
Pour into six Popsicle molds

Makes 6-8

Rainbow Sherbet Float
3 Scoops of Fat Free Rainbow Sherbet
8oz of Sprite Zero
Put them in a glass and enjoy :)

Cherry Limeade Freeze

4 Scoops Lime Sorbet (can be homemade, sugar free, fat free, etc)

12oz of Sprite Zero

1oz of grenadine

(you can also just use Black Cherry Soda)

Blend together and pour in a glass

Freeze for a couple hours

Enjoy :)

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