Saturday, April 7, 2012

Things I love right now!

What I'm loving/spending my time doing right now!

I still love pinterest and it's a pretty bad obession that I'm on almost every day but I have two new iPad apps that I am loving right now. Instgram & Scramble with friends

These fun new wastes of my time are great! Instagram is a fun way to share your photos with friends. I love seeing what my friends and family add each day. I need to get better about adding my own photos.
Scramble with friends is a fun Boggle type game that you can play with friends. My Mom is the best competitor yet! I think I've only beat her once! I think this game keeps your brain fine tuned so it's not a compete waste of time :)

The other thing I'm loving right now is planning our upcoming vacations. We are going to Punta Cana, DR in May. Mammoth in August, and hopefully Charlotte, NC in the fall or early winter. I'm thinking a girls trip to Sacramento needs to be in my future! Plus J and I want to go camping sometime this summer just not sure where yet. Oh right and if money/time permits we'd love to go back to Austin, TX as well.  I need to meet my new TKN nephew Sawyer and we have to make it back to Juan in a Million at some point :) Seriously best breakfast ever!! 

Next year if we are not pregnant yet we'd like to do Mardi Gras and if we are pregnant we are thinking some type of road trip up the pacific coast would be the perfect Babymoon.
So with all these trips on the horizon I spend a lot of time planning. I really like Kayak for finding flights. Priceline is where we seem to find the best deals, plus I can get money back if we use ebates! What are your favorite travel sites? I'd love to have some new ones to add to my bookmarks.

Last thing I love right now is taking Bentley to the Long Beach dog beach. I was nervous at first but he absolutley loved it so that made me a happy puppy mommy. J and I got some exercise too just running around after him :)

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