Friday, October 19, 2012

Well, we finally did it!!!

That's right after 2 long years trying to conceive and after multiple early losses I am blessed to say WE'RE PREGNANT!!! and yes I'm yelling at you, because I'm so happy. We have a fun picture that we're going to use to make the announcement on facebook. But for now we've tried to tell all our family and friends before making it totally public.

We actually found out really early on 8DPO and the lines only got darker from there. Baby Esquivias or as we call it Jelly Bean is due on April 20th 2013. I appreciate all the support we've received during this difficult time.  All the hurt, loss, and anger hasn't been wiped away but it's eased the pain. This child brings new light into our lives, and we are thrilled. Happy is starting to replace the pain. Every week that passes it gets easier and every time I hear that heartbeat my heart is over joyed. I love you Jelly Bean and cannot wait to kiss your sweet face.

God is good!!!!

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