Friday, October 19, 2012

13 Weeks!

There is a new light today we've made it to the second trimester!! Jelly Bean you've now been announced to the world and everyone couldn't be happier. We are in the "safe zone" so Congratulations to us!!!

How far along? 13 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Loss of 4lbs

Baby's Fruit Size: Peach

Sleep: I go to sleep easily, but it's hard to wake up because I still feel exhausted.

Best moment this week: Waking up and feeling excited. In all honesty being pregnant has been hard. Not in the traditional sense but just that I've spent a lot of time not connecting to my sweet Jelly Bean because I've been so scared to lose my child again. It was a lot of time wasted and even just writing this brings tears to my eyes. I of course loved my child and felt extremely blessed, I was just worried. In a weird way I enjoyed the nausea because it brought me hope every morning that this pregnancy was still progressing. But waking up today brought new joy I feel more connected to my Jelly Bean and I'm more in love every day.

Miss Anything? Not really, though a turkey sandwich does sound good. Oh and a happy hour would be nice. But not having it is oh so totally worth it!

Movement: Not yet 

Food cravings/aversions: Last night I really wanted apple pie, but resisted. I haven't had any true cravings or aversions that last long. Mostly I've just been trying to eat fairly healthy with a few extra carbs to help with getting sick.

Symptoms: Lots of morning sickness, fatigue, low back pain, and heartburn. 

Mood: Right now I'm happy. I've been quite emotional and cry or get upset easily. But today I'm happy and nothing can take that away.
Sex Prediction: I'm thinking girl, not really sure why but I've felt that way since the beginning. Most of my family thinks my symptoms point to boy.  ??

Looking forward to: We have an appointment on Wednesday the 23rd. I'm really hoping the Dr. can take another guess at the sex of the baby. Plus just hearing the sweet sound of my baby's heartbeat means every thing to me! It's all so very exciting!

13 Week Baby Development ~from baby zone
Week 13 marks a milestone for your baby-to-be. Developmentally speaking she's no longer an embryo, but a fetus. She's looking—and acting—more and more like a baby every day. She appears to be resting because her eyelids have formed and are fused together, but her arms and legs move and twitch (although you probably can't feel it … yet). She can suck her thumb, too.
Your baby is about the size of a egg! She's growing heavier at around .5 to .8 ounces and is getting longer at about 3 inches long (crown to rump).

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