Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Ice Box Cake "Recipe"

I love Pinterest, I've found a ton of new recipes to try.
Josue and I bought a new patio set and decided to have a BBQ. I thought this Icebox cake I found on Pinterest would be the perfect dessert for the hot day! This is super easy to assemble and quite delicious.

What you'll need

8 Sugar Free Ice Cream Sandwiches
Sugar Free Cool Whip or homemade whip cream
Caramel, Fudge or both
Candy Bar (I used a twix & snickers) Chopped up


Place 4 Ice Cream bars on the bottom of a small casserole dish
Use a spatula to spread 1/2 of your whip cream
Drizzle some caramel
Put another layer of ice cream bars down
Spread another layer of whip cream
Drizzle fudge
Sprinkle chopped candy bar on top
Place in the freezer.
Serve frozen


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