Friday, March 30, 2012

Why do I have to pay for something that should be free?

We had our first appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist today. The appointment went well, but I left feeling depressed. I feel like pregnancy is only that much farther away, when I assumed I'd be feeling more confident that it would be happening soon.

We expected to learn that we would be paying a significant amount to have some medical assistance, but never the amount that they presented us with this afternoon. It makes me angry that we have to pay for something that is free for so many others. We may have to put off buying a house so that we can have a child, how is this fair? Well it's not! Sometimes life just isn't fair and I'm learning that the hard way. The worst part is that we may pay all this money and come away empty handed! I'm trying not to think that way and to stay positive but I have to be real & honest with myself as well.

We are left wondering what the next step is. Get a second opinion? Use our savings, or put it on credit? Should we wait or just do it now?
All I know is to pray, and hope that God will give me the answers that I seek.

I hope I have that winning lottery ticket. :)

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  1. It isn't fair, not one bit. But I hope you are on your way to a baby very soon :)