Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Days, Day Twenty-Seven

Day 27-Pets
Well I guess the first blog didn't say my 30 days had to be consecutive. ;)

I've been looking forward to this post because I love my pets so much. They are my babies, and I couldn't live with out them! Believe it or not we have 4 animals!
It all started in 2006 with Bella our white and Orange cat. When we first got him we were told he was a girl, that is where the name Bella comes from. When we brought him to the Vet for shots we were surprised to find out that Bella was a boy. So now we call him Mr Bell or just Bella. When we moved into our apartment in 2008 we couldn't bring him with us because he was an indoor/outdoor cat and animals were frowned upon at our complex. So he stayed with my Mom. Even though we were not supposed to have a cat at our apt, we just couldn't live without a furry friend so we adopted Pinky our tabby cat. He stayed indoors and didn't cause trouble so it worked out purrfectly. He is my little snuggle buddy and I adore him! When we moved into our house we thought it would be nice to get Pinky a friend and since my Mom had become so attached to Bella we decided to let her keep him (while visiting regularly) and we adopted our beautiful Lola, she loves giving kisses. A few months later My Mom's land lord decided she couldn't have an outdoor cat because he bothered the neighbors. So we got to bring Bella home with us. My Mom was sad, we were worried about having 3 cats but in the end it worked out great! Bella loves it here in Long Beach, he has so much space to be himself. He loves when my Mom comes and brings him treats :)
We had thought about bringing a puppy into our family for quite some time, but we were worried about the cats, and didn't know if it was right for us. Then in November of 2010 our home was broken in to and all of our jewelry and electronics + some were taken from us. We then decided it was a good time to get some protection. Instead we got Bentley, haha I kid I kid he is a wonderful dog. Even though he isn't the most ferocious dog out there he makes me feel protected when I am home alone or when Josue and I are both gone from the house. Bentley is adorable, and he loves to play. Josue is smitten with him and is his snuggle buddy ;)
I'm not sure how we became such animal lovers, but now that we have these four I couldn't picture my life without a single one of them! Sometimes we even have to tell each other no when we think about adding one more to the family. As much as I want a friend for Bentley we know that four is enough for us... for now ;)

~Lola and Pinky~



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