Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 Days, Day Nineteen

Day 19-Something you miss

So I know it says something I miss, but what am I supposed to write about the spicy chicken bites from Jack in the Box or my favorite mascara that was discontinued? Um, no! So I am writing about the someones that I miss.

When I was twelve my softball coach passed away suddenly, I wasn't particularly close to him but it was my first experience with death. I remember feeling so strange, sad, and out of my element. My best friend Ashley was the only one that could help me through it. I can't quite explain all that she did for me but, she told me not to worry because he was in a better place in Heaven. She was there for me when I needed it! I'm not sure why but her explaining it really helped me with my first encounter with death. Two weeks later Ashley (and her sister) were murdered! My spirit was crushed. For someone to take such innocent lives was devastating. Even in all my sadness I knew that Ashley was okay, and in a better place because of her helping me just two weeks prior. My young friend was wiser than her years and helped with each death experience I came upon in the future. I have been fortunate that my experiences have been limited to the girls, a HS friend, my great-grandfather, my grandfather, and most recently my Aunt. Ashley and all the mentioned people will be in my heart forever. Our memories will never be forgotten, but I can go on with my life because Ashley helped me to be strong.

Ashley and Chelsey Taken too soon 12~8~1996

My old friend Danny Avila (In the middle with the hat)

My Great-Granfather John and my Grandpa Bruce

My sweet Aunt Jamie

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