Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One year anniversary of our engagement!

Las year on valentine's day Josue asked me to be his wife! He started by asking my mother's permission two nights before, which I had no idea of. Then on Valentine's night we went to the melting pot in Pasadena. Then he took me to the spot of our first date in San Pedro, we exchanged Valentine cards and gifts. It was so beautiful and romantic. Then we were on our way what I thought to be home when he told me he had one last surprise, I had to close my eyes. Then a few minutes later we stopped and I got out of the car, stil with my eyes covered. When he told me to open them he was on one knee professing his love and his desire for us to grow old together. I was so excited and in disbelief, that I didn't even realize we were at the place where we first met. (A place I said like once in the past that it was cute when guys took girls too when they proposed who knew he was even listening!) It was so perfect, and beautiful how could I not say yes to the man of my dreams! I love Josue so much and can't wait to become his wife! This year has flown by, and now we only have 51/2 more months till the big day! I love you babe!

Our First Dance Song =)

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