Monday, February 25, 2008

Knottie Get Together

So, as some of you know I am part of the Knot's message boards. We call ourselves "knotties" I have had so much fun "talking" and "listening" to all the other brides to be, and recent brides, and even the one's who call themselves hags. =) We all have our pet-peeves, but never are too critical. Mostly it's giving and receiving advice about weddings, and other stuff too. I guess if you're not part of it, you may not understand it. Well anyways a lot of us got together on Saturday 2/23 in Burbank, and had a long lunch, a very long lunch! We had such a great time! The girls are great, and I hope we all keep in touch, even if it is just on the knot! So for those of you that know the lingo here are some pictures from our recent knottie GTG. Thanks Anne for the pictures.

The Knottie's Meet IRL

mmmm.... those sweet potato fries were amazing! however not great for my hips =)

Do you like the fact that there are TWO bags very close to ME!

Granville Burbank, CA

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