Sunday, November 18, 2012

18 weeks!

Well baby girl we've made it 18 weeks! Daddy and I love consuming our time with making decisions about you. What will your name be? What will your nursery be like? Where will we go to church? So many decisions about you sweet little jelly bean. I love it, I love when my mind wanders to thinking all about you.

How far along? 18 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Loss of 4lbs (back down another 2lbs this week, not sure why)

Baby's Fruit Size: Sweet Potato

Sleep: Back to sleeping a lot, seems the fatigue is back!

Best moment this week: Thanksgiving dinner with our small group. You're Daddy even came and of course everyone loved him! I had a blast and the food was yummy too!
Also yesterday your cousin Keith made an amazing game winning play against BYU. We are huge SJSU (well really Keith Smith) fans in this house. So get ready for lots of cheering next fall!

Miss Anything? Not so much.

Movement: Not yet. I guess I have too much fluff ;)

Food cravings/aversions: I still really like apples. And I'm having trouble avoiding sweets. But I did add a supplement of greens since you seem to really not like green vegetables. :(

Symptoms: Heart burn, fatigue, and lots of stomach streches and pain.  

Mood: Well other than an unrelated not good Friday I've been really happy this week. I love sharing the news that we are expecting you.  

Looking forward to: I know it's 5 weeks away but I cannot wait until 23 weeks. I think that V day will really help ease my mind. Knowing that even if your born, modern medicine can help you live from that point on.

At week 18, your baby-to-be's senses are maturing. She's able to hear sounds within her own comfortable environment, such as the sound of your heart beating, as well as external sounds, such as your voice. She may become more active for certain sounds, and you'll feel her movements. At this point in her development she's still small enough that she has plenty of room to wiggle.

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