Thursday, December 8, 2011

Miss my Friend

15 years ago today I lost my best friend. It was an awful thing for my 11 year old self to go through, and a very tough loss for everyone. I miss my friend Ashley to pieces. Every year for the last 14 years I was able to leave a pinwheel for my friend and one for her sister. This year I had to work all day and wasn't able to make to the cemetary. I just wanted to put it out there that I love you Ash, and miss you dearly.

Ashley Nicole Ramirez 7-2-1986 to 12-8-1996
Chelsey Nikel Ramirez 2-17-1993 to 12-8-1996


  1. Such a heartbreaking story, but your friend is very lucky to have had such a dear friend in her brief life. <3

  2. How awful, but so sweet that you still honor her memory that way.