Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maui Here We Come

Of course Josue and I can't wait for Puerto Rico Cruise, but we have just planned our second trip for the year 2010. A group trip to Maui, Hawaii in Early August.
We are going with friends Cesiah & Temo and Yeimy & Ronald. SOOOOO excited!!!
I already "called" the Master bedroom (as in we pay more for the view and larger space lol)
We rented this ocean front condo for the week, so we can save money and make our own food. Although I'm sure we will go to at least one luau (sp?) Mostly I think all of us just want to relax and just go with the flow, but organized me will have to come up with a few activites. And Josue and will have to do at least one romantic trip and dinner just the two of us as we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary!! (wow did I just say second???)
I feel so blessed to be able to travel, and we hope to do a few more big trips until we start thinking of a having a family (don't get scared Mom) So I'm sure you will see many more travel updates, and pictures on this blog!!
The only trip we have planned (know we want to go to) is the road to Hana. We will prob have to rent a small van since it's the six of us (if everyone wants to go) But I already nominated Yeimy/Ronald to drive since they have minnie experience LOL ( If you're reading this Yeimy I'm just kidding...kinda)

Can you tell I'm excited!!!?

....... Now just to find a good deal on flight tickets, any suggestions?


  1. Are you kidding? Ronald would LOVE to drive another minivan. haha. my husband is a dork!

  2. So exciting! When are you going to PR? We went there last year and LOVED it! Try looking on travel websites for specials or sign up for updates from airlines on their specials that they don't broadcast to everyone (Try Southwest, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.). If you have AAA, you can also get some discounts if you book through them.