Friday, June 6, 2008

So I'm going to get personal... you are forewarned

So my family life is kinda messy and I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty. But let's just say my parents can't stand the sight of each other. My dad left when I was 9 but my sister and I continued to see him regularly until I was 15.Then he kind of went A-wall and disappeared. Now he owes my mom over $300,000 in back child support. So anyways they are going to court on June 16th. Over the last eight years I have really been hurt by my father. However I have seen a total 180 in the last few months. He has apologized and really started to get his life back together. My Dad is taking the steps to better our relationship. At first I was kinda like uh "to little to late" but he's my Dad and I love him. We are working and becoming closer. I feel better already. My Dad was an Amazing graphic design director, and now is having a hard time keeping a job. Now he lives with his Mom and works freelance. With his little money he managed to scrape up some $$ to put towards our wedding. I was touched! If you knew our situation you would know how BIG of a gesture that was of my Dad. It just totally shows how much he has changed. I think he finally realized what he missed out on by leaving our lives. I think he truly wants relationships with his daughters. Okay I know this has started to become way too personal for the internet, but I can't talk to anybody about it IRL without balling. So if anyone reads this please pray for peace at the wedding, and for my Dad's continued path to bettering his life. I'm proud of you Daddy!!!

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  1. With Love ~ csunsweetieJune 7, 2008 at 4:32 PM

    Thanks for sharing Daniella. My sister and I went through a similar thing a few years ago. My parents split when I was 8, my sister was 6. Things were "ok" but things completely fell apart right after my sister graduated HS. Of course it revolved around money.

    We didn't speak to each other for almost 3 years. We even wrote him letters basically telling him to f-off and never talk to us again. I was always daddy's girl growing up, but my sister not so much. My anger towards him was mainly for support of how my sister was feeling as she was affected the most.

    The morning of my graduation from CSUN, my sister called me cuz she said she wanted to wish me good luck before the ceremony started. As I was on the phone trying to figure out where she was to meet her, I froze when I saw her. My dad was standing next to her. Even despite all the anger she had towards him, she knew I'd regret it if he wasn't there on one of the most important days of my life. For her to call him to invite him meant so much, and it really turned things around.

    After a few meet-ups and discussions as to how my sister and I had felt growing up, he finally "realized" how his actions affected us. Ever since then he has become a different man. Before he thought we only saw him as $$ but he didn't realize that we wanted him more than anything.

    Sorry so long, but I'm glad to hear things are turning around before one of the most important days in your life. It's so funny how we think our parents are adults and should know everything, but in the end they're learning as they go along with life and make mistakes. Learning to forgive is huge, but I believe so worth it in the end. :o)