Sunday, June 15, 2008


Friday Josue and I went to Disneyland. Josue's Co-Worker has a silver pass to Disneyland and can get three people in each day. (Very Cool) So he invited Josue and I to join him and his girlfriend on Friday. We decided to go to the House of Blues for dinner because he knows the Manager and he comped our meal. His friend decided to order us a round of cactus cooler shots. I am not a shot kinda girl, but I indulged them and took the shot. Then we had another round. After that is when I had to say enough. Anymore than two shots of vodka probably wouldn't sit well with me. So then we went in to Disneyland and California Adventure. What was the first ride they wanted to go on. TOWER OF TERROR. This was just perfect for my stomach! But even after that, and the roller coaster to my surprise I didn't throw-up! So I was very proud of myself, and now know I can handle at least two shots of Vodka! yay!! LOL. Although the next morning I did have an awful headache ;)

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