Sunday, December 22, 2013


Ok so I am officially the worst blogger ever. I have been quite busy with a baby who doesn't nap. But in this rare occurrence that she is napping I'm taking advantage and trying to finish up my PPA post. Maybe this update can suffice as our Christmas letter that I never got around to making.

Olivia is 8 months old now and if I never see another pediatric specialist it will be too soon. We started with a Cardiologist, then a Urologist, now a Physical Therapist, and an orthopedic specialist. She's had jaundice, a heart murmur, two colds, a UTI, a stomach virus, and viral bug in her short time here on earth. I'm glad she's building up her immune system but I'm tired of seeing Doctors!  In spite of her health issues she is one amazing little girl. We thank God every day that her heart murmur closed, and that she's growing so very well! Her laugh is infectious and her smile is heart melting. She loves to play, suck her thumb, and be held. I don't mind because I LOVE Livi snuggles. She enjoys playing with her friends and helping Mommy with crafts. She sleeps well through the night and doesn't throughout the day. Her favorite animal seems to be Bella.45\
We did start her on a few purees so I can't say we did BLW, but we only did  them for a couple weeks. For the most part she is eating small pieces of what we are eating and still nursing. She is happy and constantly smiling and I couldn't have asked for a more precious sweet girl. Her personality is becoming more apparent each day and she is rapidly physically advancing. She can now crawl, lift to stand, and even stand on her own for seconds at a time. We love her more than anything and look forward to watching her grow.
I've decided to go back to school slowly. I guess if we ever want to buy a home in safer area I need to make more money (who would have thought!?)  ;) but for now we're taking it slow and enjoying the extra time I'll have with Olivia. I may keep my foot in the door with nursing and keep on at Macer Medical/MediLean working here and there.
Josue is still Manager at Claim Jumper in Costa Mesa and is working on becoming a regional manager. Sometimes I hope that means a move for us, but Long Beach is starting to grow on me. Especially now that we're making some amazing friends at Parkcrest and in my Mommy group. He's an amazing Daddy, and a wonderful support for me.

We're still content in our little Long Beach home, but aspire to moving to the Bixby area so that Olivia and maybe her sibling(s) can go to Longfellow with her little friends Lucas, Cole, and Nora. Olivia is going to have an amazing first Christmas and fun New Years vacation in Florida with family. She is one lucky little girl, and we are very blessed parents.

We hope everyone has a very happy holiday season. And be blessed with peace & joy.




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