Monday, February 14, 2011

30 Days- Day Four

Day 4-Your parents

My parents are both amazing, interesting, and inspirational people. John Bruce and Maria Lisa Brownwood. My Parents divorced when I was 11 and I lived mostly with my my Mom and sister from then on. My Mother is wonderful, I don't even no how to explain in words how truly awesome she really is. She is there for me, at the drop of a hat, pushes me to always do my best, and loves me unconditionally. I only wish I could show her how much I love her back, and how much she truly means to me. I always thought I had the cool Dad, and I did! He is an Artist, a realist, and innovative. He may not have lived with me for the second half of my life, and he may have hurt and made me angry but he was there for me in the big moments. He was there to cheer me on, and in the background if I ever really needed him.

I thank my parents for raising me and teaching me about life, love, respect, and most importantly religion. Without them I wouldn't be who I am today.

There are very few pictures of my parents together, but here are a few.


This is my HS graduation in 2003

My Wedding 2008

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