Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 in a nutshell and 2011 goals

In 2010 I managed to accomplish a lot. I didn't get to all of my goals for the year, but that's ok I can work on them this year :)
Some of the major things of Twenty-Ten

January- finished nursing school as Valedictorian

February- Went to Puerto Rico with Josue and the Caribbean island cruise, I also turned 25 :)

March- Welcomed our first TKN niece, Elliana into this world

April- Graduated from nursing school, and had my fun party! Hayden and Emiliano were born!
May- Took my NCLEX exam

June- Josue and I had a little get away to Las Vegas

July- Celebrated Josue's 27th at home with a small party. Found out I passed the NCLEX

August- Went to Maui with Josue and friends. Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.

September- TKN niece, Abigail. Lost an amazing woman, my Aunt Jamie. Also I got my first nursing job!

October- Did the woman's cancer walk with my Cousins and Aunts.

November- Our home was broken into and I did some real soul searching. Found a great new church!

December- We went to Big Bear with friends and Kimi, for Josue's first ever trip to the snow!

Of course there was so much more that happened in 2010, but those were the things that really stood out.

In 2011 we have so much going on! I have 4 friends who are pregnant, and more that are trying ;) We want to go on vacation before buying a house or having children. We want to get the heck out of Long Beach, and buy our first home. I need to find a job, and we are hoping/praying there are no more layoffs at Claim Jumper. I also hope to accomplish more from my 30 before 30 list this year. Starting with the lose 30 lbs. If I want to have a baby I need to do that first! No being a huge pregnant lady for me!

I hope all my friends and family have an amazing year! Wishing you all love, and prosperity!

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