Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Saturday we had a memorial service for my Aunt Jamie, who left earth for heaven on 9~11~2010. It was a sad yet uplifitng day. Our family is amazing and really came together. Goodbyes are always hard, but this one just didnt seem fair. She was an exceptional woman! She battled with cancer for 3 years and suffered greatly for the last 6 months. But through all her pain she was still able to smile and give us a wave or even a kiss. Jamie was a godly woman and she inspires me to share her love of christ with others. I hope I can be just half the giving, compastionate, & selfless woman that she was. Auntie you will never know how much that last goodbye and Kiss meant to me. Through all your pain you still made me laugh and cry =) I will miss you dearly and you will always be heavy on my heart. Say hello to Grandpa up in heaven for me. I promise I will be here if any of your kids if they ever need me. You left a great legacy. I love you always!

Jamie Lyn Alonzo <3

Jamie's Award Winning Salsa, yum!

Jamie's Ashes <3

Some of Jamie's delicious dessert recipes.

Some of Jamie's creative outlets,and gifts she made for us!

City of Hope walk for Breast Cancer October 2009

My Aunt at our wedding, thank you for sharing in our special day Aunt Jamie, we love you!!

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