Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maui, Hawaii

About a week ago we returned from our awesome trip to Maui, Hawaii. We really enjoyed our vacation. We went with two other couples who are very dear friends to Josue and I. Overall I think group vacationing is great! I wish Josue and I had a little more alone time to celebrate our anniversary, but we can do that at home ;) We stayed in a 3 bedroom condo. (in Kihei, Maui) Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of it, but here is a picture of our amazing view right outside it.

On our first day we went shopping, settled in and went swimming. Josue and I took a sunset stroll on the beach outside the condo. It was great for our friends to all meet and see the beautiful first Maui sunset.

The next day Josue and I went on the road to Hana with Yeimy and Ronald. We had fun laughing and talking on the way up and then hiked to the seven sacred pools and then headed up to the 400ft waterfall (Waimoku falls) through the bamboo forest. If you e er find yourself on The Road to Hana, make sure you stop for some delicious banana bread! We ended our afternoon at a gorgeous black sand beach in Hana, the water was great!

~Josue at the seven sacred pools~

Later that evening we met up with Temo and Cecia at Fred's and ate/drank the night away.

The following day we went on a helicopter ride which was amazing!! I have to admit I was scared at first, but it wasn't scary at all and no turbulence!!! It was an awesome view and totally worth it! After our helicopter ride we rented mopeds and rode down to Wailea beach, super nice!! Then we had a group BBQ outside our condo on the Lanai, what a beautiful sunset yet again!

~Temo, Cecia, Myself, and Josue at the Helipad~

~ Rainbow over some waterfalls view from the helicopter~

Thursday we went to Kaanapali Beach. We rented jetski's. I haven't been since I was 9 (when I was thrown off) so I was a little nervous. Josue drove and I held on tight! Of course we tipped over our first 5 secs on, but once we got going it was a blast. That evening we went to a traditional Luau. (Myths of Maui) The food was ok, and the "open bar" was weak, but the service was phenomenal, and the show was fabulous.

Thursday night there was a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch a meteor shower from atop a volcano. I was so tired, but Yeimy convinced us to go with them, and I am sure glad we did! It was amazing!! No pictures, but the memories will never be forgotten.

Friday was our big snorkeling trip, wow!! I think this was my favorite adventure! All 6 of us took the Pride of Maui snorkel trip. We went to Molokini island and Turtle Town. After coming home napping and getting ready we went to the town of Paia. We ate at the Paia fish market, I think every one's favorite place to eat. Afterwards we walked around the quaint little town and of course Cecia and I had to have our daily Shave Ice =)

Saturday we wento Makena beach and just enjoyed the sun. Then we had a group lunch back at the condo, yum! In the evening we went to IO Maui in Lahaina. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, and another gorgeous sunset. After dinner we walked around Whaler's Village and had a drink at oceanside Bubba Gumps.

Sunday we spent the morning paddle surfing in Kihei and then packing and cleaning up =(
Once we got the car loaded we headed back to Paia and walked around and bought souvenirs. They have a beach in Paia; Baldwin Park Beach. My favorite beach in all of Maui, almost white sand, calm waves and clear water. Breathtaking!!!! We had dinner at Flatbread Co. delicious!!
Then we headed to the airport for our flight back to Los Angeles.

~ Baldwin Park Beach~

Our trip to Maui was fantastic! I still have to say that I am spoiled with the caribbean waters, but Maui was so pretty in its own right. I think we would like to go to Oahu the next time we make it out to Hawaii, but wouldn't hesitate to recommend or go back to Maui one day.
If you have any questions please email me =)

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