Monday, March 16, 2009

Our New Home

Our New Home!

Our Bedroom

We hope to get a better TV (on the wall) with our refund check =)

The Living Room

We also hope to get a nice entertainment center with our refund check

The dining room

The "Cozy" Bathroom

This is the added on family room we haven't done much with it, it is our project room!

This is our laundry room/ cat room ;) which is connected to the room above

Pinky Loves the Sun!

The "Hallway"

Where I TKN =)

Our Office/Josue's Clothes Room

The Garage in the back
I didn't take any photos of the backyard yet because its a work in progress, hopefully I can take pictures soon then we can have a BBQ !

We moved here in February and I am so proud of My Husband he put in all the light fixtures including the fan! He and his Dad put in the wood floor, and we painted all the rooms. Its a cozy home but it fits us for now. We have a lot of blank wall space which we hope to get some awesome paintings for. Maybe during our travels abroad we will find some ;)
PS Sorry for the mess! All the time spent on homework doesn't leave me lots of time to clean =)

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  1. How cute! Congratulations on purchasing your first home! That's so awesome.