Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Honeymoon

We Stayed at the Excellence Riviera Cancun it was an AMAZING resort!!!!!!!!!!!!!So gorgeous!!The staff had the best customer service I have ever seen. They were so nice and friendly. The food was soo yummy, and the drinks were good too! Here are a few photos to show how beautiful it really was.

We had a lovely Honeymoon However we did not get to go on any excursions as we were in a large Bus accident on the way to Tulum Mexico to see Mayan Ruins. Because of the accident we were too scared to go on any other buses in Mexico and we were pretty scraped and bruised. I also had bad whiplash, so I was in no condition to do much. But we tried to relax as much as we could and enjoy the time we had. We feel so fortunate to be alive, and thank God everyday for picking the seats that he did for us. We pray for the loved ones of those who lost there lives, and our hearts go ou to all those in Pain.
Josue promised a second Honeymoon Probably to Hawaii so you may see those pictures added to here...hopefully soon!

Here is a link to a message board in English everything else we found was in Spanish.

If you want to see pictures of the accident please look at my Knot Honeymoon Bio

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