Sunday, May 18, 2008

Did you know you could name a star after someone?

OK so if you know me you know I LOVE stars! I have heard that you could name a star after yourself, and I always thought it was kind of a cool idea, but I figured it was really expensive. Well it may be silly/stupid to some but I thought what the heck and I researched it! I found a website where you could name a star after someone for only $19.95!!! Heck for that cheap it's a super cute idea. Anyways I thought I would share the websites info in case anyone else loves stars as much as me =)

Star Website

Everyone loves having a star named after them! We have named thousands of stars for all sorts of people - Friends, Lovers, Parents, Children, Etc. And stars are always guaranteed to please. Whatever the occasion, naming a star for someone is the most imaginative way to show you care. See how impressed and appreciative that special someone will be when he or she receives such an unusual and creative gift from you. You'll be a star too!
Your star name will be registered in the Universal Star Catalog’s database featuring hundreds of thousands of stars numerically designated by the world renowned Smithsonian Astrophysical Institute. Each star is copyrighted with its precise stellar coordinates allowing the star recipient, friends, family or anyone – including future generations – to identify the star name and locate the star in the sky using a telescope.

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